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  Topic Pages

Controlling Dust in Schools : General precautions regarding dust control methods.
Evaporation from Paints : Emission characteristics from different types of paints.
Formaldehyde Sensitivity : General facts about sensitivity to formaldehyde exposures.
Functions of an IAQ Coordinator : Job description of a school board IAQ Coordinator.
Hazardous Constituents in Paint : The types of hazardous components commonly found in paints.
Improving Risk Assessments : Suggestions for improving risk assessments involving children.
Investigative Procedures for Mould Contamination of Indoor Air : Durham District School Board's multi-stage process for investigating possible mould growth in schools.
Making Practical Changes with Present Evidence : Lung Association shows how to improve respiratory health with what we know now.
NIOSH Indoor Environmental Quality Investigation : The main elements of a U.S. NIOSH IEQ investigation.
Preventive Measures to Avoid Mould Contamination of Indoor Air : Durham District School Board's practices for avoiding indoor mould.
Solvent Exposures in Painting : Occupational and occupant solvent exposures during painting.
Sources of Indoor Pollution in Schools : Summary description of key pollutants in schools.
Weaknesses of Risk Assessment : Potential flaws in risk assessment with respect to children.
Why IAQ Is Important : Brief listing of reasons for dealing with indoor air quality.

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Case Studies

ALA Indoor Air Quality Program for Oklahoma Schools : American Lung Assocation launches a training program for indoor air quality.
Case Studies from Healthy School Network Inc. : Brief case studies of pollution in schools.
Durham District School Board Indoor Environment Procedures : A description of measures taken in Durham to address indoor air quality and mould.
Fungal Contamination Closes U.S. Elementary School : Complaint investigation discovered mould growth and led to closing of a school.
Painting Protocol in Annapolis Maryland. : Anne Arundel County School Board alerts parents when painting takes place.
Remedial Measures for Sick Buildings : Swedish experience in reducing sick building complaints.
Thames Valley Indoor Air Quality Policy : An investigative procedure for handling indoor air quality concerns.
Top Ten Concerns for a Healthful School Environment : A Texas project polled environmental specialists on health concerns in schools.
Waterloo District School Board Plant Operations : Indoor air quality activities in Waterloo District School Board.

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IAQ Tools for Schools Frequently Asked Questions , Jan. 02, 2001
A Review of VOC Emissions and Drying Mechanisms for Interior Paints and Coatings , April 1997
Achieving Healthy Indoor Environments , 2000
Addressing the Psychological Aspects of Indoor Air Quality , 1996
Allergic to the Twentieth Century , 1997
American Lung Association of Oklahoma Launches School Indoor Air Quality Program , August 25, 2000
Building Air Quality , Dec. 1991
California Advisory on Portables and Renovated Classrooms , December 1996
Canadian Child Health Atlas , 1995
Communication When Problem-Solving (section 13) , Jan. 02, 2001
Conclusions and Recommendations for Healthier Buildings , June 1991
Detecting Moisture Damage and Remediating Biocontamination in Buildings , 1997
Developing Indoor Air Policies , 2001
Diagnosing IAQ Problems (section 11) , Jan. 02, 2001
Doctor Fungus , 2000
Education: A Workers Health and Safety Centre Publication , Fall/Winter 1998
Effective Communication (section 9) , Jan. 02, 2001
Environmental Education in Medicine , 2000
Environmental Hazards: Protecting Children , May 1997
Environmental Hazards: Protecting Children , 1997
Environmental Hypersensitivity in the Workplace , 1994
Environmental, Health and Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System ,
Everyday Exposure to Toxic Pollutants , 1998
Exposure Guidelines for Residential Indoor Air Quality , 2000
Field Guide for the Determination of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples , 1996
Fungal Contamination in an Elementary School in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Case Study) , 1997
Fungal Contamination Permanently Closes Elementary School (Case Study) , 1997
Guide to Improve Indoor Air Quality , May,1995
Guide to Recognition and Management of Indoor Microbiological Agents , July 1999
Health Canada Indoor Air Quality Site , Jan. 8, 1999
Healthy School Environment , 1988
Healthy Schools - Healthy Children , May 2000
Healthy Schools for Children with Sensitivities , 1 June 1996
Healthy Schools, Healthy Children, Successful Students , November 1998
Hidden Exposures , 1997
Hiring Professional Assistance (IAQ Guide:Appendix A) , Jan. 02, 2001
How Asthma-Friendly Is Your School? ,
IAQ Co-ordinator's Guide , August 2000
IAQ Tools for Schools , January 19, 2000
IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit , May 1995
Indoor Air Pollutants in Residential Settings , April 2002
Indoor Air Pollution , 1994
Indoor Air Quality Glossary and Acronymes (Appendix J) , Jan. 02, 2001
Indoor Air Quality in Schools , 1996
Indoor Air Quality Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System ,
Indoor Air Quality Management Program , 1989
Indoor Air Quality Organizations and Publications Resources (IAQ Guide:Appendix I) , Jan. 02, 2001
Indoor Air Quality Software , 1995
Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools , November 9, 2000
Indoor Air Quality: An Introduction , 1997
Indoor Environmental Quality Fact Sheet , 1997
Indoor Fungi Resources , 1996, Apr.
Integrated Pest Management for Schools , June 1999
Integrated Pest Management In Schools , December 10, 1999
Internal Guidelines regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness for Disability Services at the University of Minnesota , 06/26/1997
Investigative Procedure for Indoor Air Quality , June 2000
Managing Water Infiltration into Buildings ,
Material Emissions and Indoor Air Quality Modeling , July 1996
Material Odour Emission Test Methods , July 1997
Medical Mycology Procedure Manual , 1999
Mold and Moisture (IAQ Guide: Appendix H) , Jan. 02, 2001
Monitoring IAQ Parameters (SMILE Program) ,
Moulds: Isolation, Cultivation, Identification , 1997
MSDS Sheets Website ,
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities , 09 November 2000
Order Materials ,
OSHA on Formaldehyde , 25 October 2000
Plainfield High School Learns New Lessons ,
Pulmonary Hemorrhage and Hemosiderosis in Infants , 2000
Pulmonary Hemorrhage and Hemosiderosis in Infants , 2000
Radon (Rn) and Schools (IAQ Guide: Appendix G) , Jan. 02, 2001
Recommendations for Action on Pollution and Education in Toronto , May 1985
Resource Guide On Children's Environmental Health , 5/5/99
Risk Assessment , November 1996
School IAQ Best Management Practices Manual , 1995
School IPM ,
Sick Building Syndrome on the University of Toronto St. George Campus , 2000
Solving IAQ Problems (IAQ Guide:section 12 ) , Jan. 02, 2001
Steps to Activate the IAQ Management Plan (section 7) , Jan. 02, 2001
Teacher's Guide to IAQ ,
Teacher's Guide to Indoor Air Pollutants , August 1, 2000
The Air Children Breathe , Oct. 1998
The Canadian Health Network , 2001
The Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring Database of the Office of Cosmetics and Colors (OCAC) , 2000-NOV-22
The Health of Canada's Children , 1994
The Healthy School Handbook , June 1995
The IAQ Management Plan (section 8) , Jan. 02, 2001
The Susceptibility Report , 1982
Total Workplace Performance , 1995
Typical Indoor Air Pollutants (IAQ Guide:Appendix E) , Jan. 02, 2001
U.S. Healthy Schools Network Inc. Site , 2001
U.S. School Case Studies , 2000
Use of Ozone Generating Devices to Improve Indoor Air Quality , June 1996
Ventilation in Schools , March 1997
What on Earth? (Selected Papers) , May 1997

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Jim Bell   The Education Safety Association of Ontario
Gary Gibson   The Durham District School Board
Jill McDowell   Toronto Public Health
Howard Rubin   Envirodesic Certification Program
Sandra Schwartz   Pollution Probe
Bruce M. Small   Technology and Health Foundation
Karen Wilson   School Parents Against Fungal Exposure (S.A.F.E.)

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Discussion Groups

HSbeta : Beta-Testing Group

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Personal Experiences

 1. Experiences of Students

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 2. Experiences of Parents

Addressing a Health Problem at Wellington School in Sioux Lookout : Ongoing action concerning a student sensitive to chemical exposures at school.
Child Made Ill by Painting Fumes : Effects of maintenance in winter months.

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 3. Experiences of Teachers

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 4. Experiences of Board Employees/Officials

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 5. Experiences of Others

Roof Tar Drives Me Out : Odour of retarring the roof of a primary school.

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