Title: Total Workplace Performance
Sub-Title: Rethinking the Office Environment
Date of publication: 1995
Authors: Stan Aranoff, Ph.D., Audrey G. Kaplan, M.Sc. Arch.
Bibliographic info: Hardcover, 404 pages, ISBN 0-921804-95-4.
Publisher: WDL Publications
Abstract: While focussed on the office environment, this reference is equally applicable to the school environment, which is also full of "knowledge workers". The authors present a myriad of facility issues, in the context of how buildings and occupants perform as a functional unit - a perspective called total building performance. Including discussions of ventilation and indoor air quality, this reference will help school board building managers set their goals for healthier schools in a larger context of efficient and rational building design and management.
Additional Notes: Stan Aranoff holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the University of California at Berkeley. Over the past twenty years he has focused on the development and application of assessment and monitoring procedures in environmental science and environmental design. Audrey Kaplan specializes in the evaluation and design of office workplaces. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Architecture from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University. Ms. Kaplan is a regular speaker at professional conferences, and has sat on national and international building performance standards writing committees.
Keywords: work environment, facility, management, engineering, health, productivity, climate, building envelope, chemical contaminants, acoustics, comfort, video display, standards, diagnosis, ergonomics
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