Title: IAQ Tools for Schools Frequently Asked Questions
Sub-Title: Indoor Air Quality Coordinator's Guide
Date of publication: Jan. 02, 2001
URL: www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/scfaqs.html
Authors: EPA Indoor Environments Division
Bibliographic info: IAQ Tools for Schools Frequently Asked Questions
Publisher: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Abstract: As of Janurary, 2001, you can find answers to the following questions on this site:

1.How big a problem is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in schools? 2.Do IAQ problems seem to affect certain types of schools or certain locations of the country more than others? 3.Why should schools take IAQ seriously? 4.What is EPA doing about IAQ in schools? 5.What are EPA's basic recommendations to schools? 6.How much will it cost to fix IAQ in schools? 7.Are there any potentially costly fixes for schools which may be needed to help ensure good IAQ? 8.Is the school I send my child to safe? 9.Should smoking be allowed in schools? 10.What types of schools has EPA studied? 11.Are there statistical data available regarding IAQ in schools? 12.Will fixing the radon problem in a school automatically fix any IAQ problems? 13.Does carpet cause IAQ problems in schools? 14.Will specialized training or tools be required to complete the recommended activities in the Kit? 15.Do schools have to follow this guidance? 16.How can I get an IAQ Tools for Schools Kit and Video? 17.Send us your questions!

Additional Notes: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Could serve as a good template for a Canadian version.
Keywords: IAQ frequently asked questions, FAQs, Tools for Schools Kit, Indoor Air Quality, EPA, Environmnetal Protection Agency, pollution, buildings, students, teachers, children, schools, indoor pollutants, childhood disease, missed school, young children,
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