Case Studies from Healthy School Network Inc.

Healthy Schools Network Inc. is a New York State-based not for profit organization with a growing national track record advocating for children’s environmental health at school. The organization's guides, factsheets and case studies were designed for use first in New York State, but may have applicability to a much wider audience.

The following is a sample case study from the Healthy School Networks Inc. site:

"In a large city school district in Western New York, a middle-aged woman starting a second career as a 4th grade teacher has developed asthma. She never suffered from asthma before becoming a teacher. Mold is evident throughout the school. Her two children who also attend the school have developed asthma, too. Since she does not have tenure yet, she fears speaking up to the administration and becoming labeled "sickly or a troublemaker"."

For more HSN Inc. case studies, visit their web-page or the primary reference below.

  Record #111, revised 1/29/2001


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Primary Sources

1. U.S. Healthy Schools Network Inc. Site


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