Title: Allergic to the Twentieth Century
Sub-Title: The Explosion in Environmental Allergies - From Sick Buildings to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Date of publication: 1997
Authors: Peter Radetsky
Bibliographic info: Hardcover, 263 pages, ISBN-0-316-73221-4; printed in USA and published simultaneously in Canada by Little, Brown & Company (Canada) Limited.
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Abstract: This book gives a good description of the kinds of difficulties that people go through when they become sensitive to low-level chemical exposures indoors. With references to specific cases, the author reviews the nature of the scientific and medical controversy surrounding multiple chemical sensitivity. The author notes that more than 37 million people in the U.S. suffer from some degree of chemical sensitivity, but that most doctors continue to dismiss their problems as psychosomatic. Gulf War Syndrome is also discussed and linked with multiple chemical sensitivity. The book includes considerable case study material and a list of U.S.-based references and contacts.
Additional Notes: The author is a science writer and contributing editor of Discover magazine. He teaches in the Science Communication Program at the University of California at Santa Cruz.
Keywords: allergy, environmentally induced diseases, toxicology, canaries, hypersensitivity, psychology, MCS, EI, pollen, IgE, headache, mould, mold, Gulf War Syndrome
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