Title: HSbeta
Subtitle: HealthySchools.com Beta-Testing Group
Moderators: Bruce M. Small
Description: HSbeta is a discussion group formed to assist a small group of people who are reviewing and "beta-testing" the new database "HealthySchools.com". The e-group is designed to reduce the time required to give feedback to the originators of the database, and to keep all reviewers informed of other reviewers'' ideas and opinions. The archives of this group are not accessible to non-members.
Posting Address: HSbeta@egroups.com
Web Page: www.eGroups.com/list/HSbeta
To subscribe: HSbeta-subscribe@egroups.com
To unsubscribe: HSbeta-unsubscribe@egroups.com
List Manager: HSbeta-owner@egroups.com
Additional Notes: Persons interested in becoming part of the group may contact the list manager. Persons wishing to make comments about the site without becoming part of the beta group may send comments by e-mail to Bruce Small.
Keywords: database, testing
Record Last Revised: Record #10, revised 1/3/2001

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