Title: The Healthy School Handbook
Sub-Title: Conquering the Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Hazards in and Around Your School
Date of publication: June 1995
URL: home.nea.org/books/showitem.cfm?pubid=136
Authors: Norma L. Miller, Ed.D.
Bibliographic info: First printing June 1995, ISBN 0-8106-1863-X, hardcover. Hardcover 1866-4-00-NET available at $49.95 and softcover 1863-X-00-NET at $24.95 from publisher (see reprint address).
Publisher: NEA Professional Library
Abstract: The editor notes in her foreword that every generation encounters unique problems unknown to previous generations. "Parents, teachers, administrators, and school boards across the country should be concerned about the effect of the indoor environment on teaching and learning." She notes further: "I hope this handbook will help patients who became sick due to the indoor environment in their school understand that they are not alone, and that it will be a catalyst for change that will alleviate some of the discomfort teachers, students, and other school staff experience because of unhealthy environmental conditions at school".
Additional Notes: Chapter 15 of this reference, by Dr. David Morris, M.D., reviews the presence and potential health effects of formaldehyde in schools.
Keywords: children, hygiene, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, cleaning, floors, electromagnetic fields, pest management, remodeling, maintenance, legal, allergy, formaldehyde, sensitivity, lead, mold, mould,
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