Title: Achieving Healthy Indoor Environments
Sub-Title: A Review of Canadian Options
Date of publication: 2000
URL: www.pollutionprobe.org/Publications/Indoorair.htm
Authors: Ian Morton, Jay Kassirer
Bibliographic info: A 230-page 8 1/2 x 11 inch cerlox-bound report, printed two-sided, available from Pollution Probe at the URL above either in hard copy or as a 450Kb ".pdf" file with 630Kb Appendices. Also accessible on-line through www.healthyindoors.com, a cross country forum for creating an indoor air quality strategy for Canada.
Publisher: Pollution Probe
Abstract: This report identifies promising options for ways of addressing indoor air quality problems in Canada. It brings together components of the indoor environment that were previously treated separately, namely legal aspects, best practices in the field, and the market for indoor environmental products and services. It draws upon the expertise of leading government and industry players and explores the question of whether government regulations or voluntary initiatives are more appropriate for solving indoor environment problems. Complex problems involving multiple jurisdictions over private property and individual rights suggest that voluntary initiatives could be the most effective way to impriove the quality of the indoor environment.

At the core of the recommendations in this report is the need for a comprehensive strategy to address the indoor environment issues in Canada. The report provides a basis for discussion for a cross-country stakeholder consultation and alliance-building process. Readers are invited to consult www.healthyindoors.com for further details on this process.

Additional Notes:

Keywords: IAQ, indoor air quality, voluntary initiatives, monitoring, maintenance, participation, regulatory powers, communication, networks, candleholders, product labelling, certification, liability, market demand, legislation, law
Record Last Revised: Record #4, revised 1/17/2001

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