Title: The Susceptibility Report
Sub-Title: Chemical Susceptibility and Urea-Formaldehyde Insulation
Date of publication: 1982
URL: www.technologyandhealth.org
Authors: Bruce M. Small
Bibliographic info: Published by DECO but now distributed by Technology and Health Foundation, 1661 Conc. 2, R.R.#3, Stouffville, Ontario L4A 7X4; (905)-642-3082.
Publisher: DECO BOOKS
Abstract: This report was originally produced for the National Research Council of Canada as "Chemical Susceptibility and Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation" under DSS Contract 17SR 31155-1-4411. It reviews the connections between chemical susceptibility and gaseous exposures from UFFI insulation. Appendix B "Physician's Reference" is still a good current description of high risk groups, chemical susceptibility, and the effects of formaldehyde exposure on sensitized individuals.
Additional Notes: One of the report's conclusions is particularly relevant to school situations. "Persons who have become sensitized only to formaldehyde may feel better once they reduce the indoor formaldehyde levels or leave their home. Persons who have developed more general chemical and other allergy-like susceptibilities may continue to experience residual health problems once the formaldehyde levels have been reduced, as a result of exposure to other common indoor and outdoor pollutants and to common allergens. Physicians report that an overall reduction in chemical exposure may be beneficial in such cases."
Keywords: formaldehyde, UFFI, high-risk groups, environmental control, removal, toxicity, sensitivity, remedial measures, materials, emissions, exposures, concentration, desensitization, fungus, fungi, mold, mould
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