Title: Health Canada Indoor Air Quality Site
Date of publication: Jan. 8, 1999
URL: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ehp/ehd/bch/air_quality/indoor_air.htm
Authors: Bureau of Chemical Hazards
Bibliographic info: This reference is a website, part of the Health Canada overall website at www.hc-sc.gc.ca.
Publisher: Health Canada
Abstract: Indoor air quality is important to human health because we spend >80% of our time indoors. Occupants of indoor environments may be exposed to a variety of pollutants originating from human activities or presence in the home, combustion for heating and cooking, consumer products, furnishings, building materials and outdoor air.

Because of the potentially adverse effects to human health resulting from exposure to pollutants in the home, the Exposure Guidelines for Residential Indoor Air Quality were developed. Exposure limits were prepared for the following compounds or groups of compounds: aldehydes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, water vapour and radon. In addition, the guidelines suggest recommendations for controlling exposure to some contaminants for which the formulation of acceptable exposure ranges was deemed inappropriate or was not feasible. This group includes: biological agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, fibrous materials, lead, pest control products, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, product aerosols, and tobacco smoke.
Additional Notes:
Keywords: IAQ, residential, pesticides, hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, radon, formaldehyde, UFFI, exposure guidelines
Record Last Revised: Record #95, revised 1/18/2001

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