Title: Indoor Air Pollution
Sub-Title: An Introduction for Health Professionals
Date of publication: 1994
Authors: EPA Indoor Environments Division , American Lung Association , U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission , American Medical Association
Bibliographic info: Softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 30 pages. Enclosure in IAQ Tools for Schools Kit, U.S. Government Printing Office Document #1994-523-217/81322, distributed through US EPA, Indoor Air Division (6607J), Washington DC 20460.
Publisher: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Abstract: This booklet addresses the indoor air pollution problems that may be caused by contaminants encountered in the daily lives of persons in their homes and offices. The health professional can use this booklet as a tool in diagnosing an individual's signs and symptoms that could be related to an indoor air pollution problem. The document is organized according to pollutant or pollutant group, and key signs and symptoms from exposure to the pollutant(s) are listed, along with diagnostic leads to help determine the cause of the health problem.
Additional Notes:

Keywords: IAQ, health, diagnosis, diagnostic, tobacco, combustion, animal dander, mold, mould, dust mites, biologicals, volatiles, VOCs, heavy metals, lead, mercury, asbestos, radon, risk, sick building syndrome
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