Title: Indoor Air Quality Management Program
Date of publication: 1989
Authors: Nancy Jane Adams
Bibliographic info: This volume is a three-ring binder approximately two inches (5 cm) in depth, 66 pages plus approximately 40 pages of Appendix. Released in 1989, it is almost certainly out of date, and it has not been verified yet whether there has been an update, or whether additional copies are available. The school board publisher is listed so that interested readers may investigate further if they wish. A hard copy is held in the HealthySchools.com collection (inquire info@healthyschools.com).
Publisher: Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Abstract: In an effort to provide IAQ management guidance, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) was selected by the Maryland State Department of Education to develop an Indoor Air Quality Management Program that could be used as a model for other school systems. The preface to this volume states:

"IAQ problems not only have a potential for varying impacts on health, they assuredly affect the learning process which is after all ''our reason for being''. Added to these extremely important reasons to manage our schools'' IAQ is the investment the taxpayer has in the school physical plant. A school with IAQ concerns is a building whose design, maintenance or repair is lacking in some respect".

Additional Notes: This reference has been included despite its age because a hard copy is held in the HealthySchools.com collection, and because some of the suggestions in the reference are still valuable and have been extracted as topics and case studies.
Keywords: energy conservation, ventilation, occupational health, workplace exposures, employee training, IAQ, walk through, preventive maintenance, emissions, pesticides, pipe leaks, roofing, formaldehyde, radon, volatile organic paint, carbon monoxide
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