Title: A Review of VOC Emissions and Drying Mechanisms for Interior Paints and Coatings
Date of publication: April 1997
Authors: Stephen Brown
Bibliographic info: Soft cover, 8.5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 28 cm), 81 pages.
Publisher: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Abstract: This report reviews research studies into volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from interior paints and coatings from two perspectives: (a) drying and film formation, and (b) VOC emission into indoor air. Particular attention is given to emission mechanisms and the influence of chemical, physical and environmental factors on such mechanisms. The review is based on 120 key references published over the last 30 years. The focus is traditional water-based latex paints and solvent-based coatings for use in buildings, rather than novel industrial coatings of recent years. Included is a limited review of volatile paint constituents and their health hazards.
Additional Notes: Appendix B of this report contains a one-page listing of the ASTM D3539 Evaporation Rates of Volatile Materials (ASTM 1995, automatic evaporometer data).
Keywords: volatile organic compounds, water, solvent, volatility, evaporation, film, plasticizer, sink effect, absorption, diffusion, substrate, surface, stains
Record Last Revised: Record #47, revised 1/15/2001

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