Title: Material Odour Emission Test Methods
Sub-Title: Review and Evaluation
Date of publication: July 1997
Authors: Peter Piersol, Michael Rix
Bibliographic info: 18-page report produced by ORTECH corporation as report 95-T61-E076 (Rev.3 Final) dated July 8, 1997 for CMHC.
Publisher: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Abstract: This material odour emission project was undertaken for the Task Force on Material Emissions and four industry sponsors. It reviews material odour test methods. Two test methods were quantitative odour intensity methods and four methods used perceived intensity and hedonic scales. Materials tested included resilient flooring, carpet, counter top, office partition panels, painted trim and plywood. The six odour evaluation methods generally were in agreement in identifying the high, moderate and low odour emitting materials. There was no relationship between odour strength/intensity, odour thresholds and TVOC (total volatile organic compound) emissions.
Additional Notes: The Task Force on Material Emissions was a joint government/industry/public committee chaired by Jim White (then) of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
Keywords: odor, emissions, volatile organic compounds, VOCs, IAQ, tests
Record Last Revised: Record #3, revised 1/15/2001

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