Why IAQ Is Important

Comparative risk studies performed by the EPA and its Science Advisory Board have consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.

Failure to respond promptly and effectively to IAQ problems can have the following health, cost and educational consequences:

- increasing health problems including cough, eye irritation, headache, asthma, allergy, carbon monoxide poisoning or Legionnaire's disease
- promoting the spread of infectious diseases
- making it difficult for children to learn
- causing discomfort, sickness and absenteeism in teachers and other school staff
- reducing staff productivity
- causing deterioration and reduced efficiency of the school building and its equipment
- increasing risk that rooms or buildings must be closed and occupants relocated
- straining relationships among administration, parents and staff
- generating negative publicity that could damage a school's image or effectiveness
- creating potential liability problems.

  Record #18, revised 1/18/2001


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