Title: Fungal Contamination in an Elementary School in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Case Study)
Date of publication: 1997
URL: www.envirovillage.com/Papers/N000031.htm
Authors: W. Edward Montz Jr., Ph.D.
Bibliographic info: Published as part of the Enviro Village Library Papers.
Publisher: Acumen Technologies Inc.
Abstract: This case involves a moderate sized elementary school (300 pupils,grades 1-6) experienced a rash of teacher health complaints in the spring of 1993. Occupant complaints centered largely around the basement area and consisted of "musty" and, "moldy"odors coupled with dampness. In addition, three of the teachers and staff who worked in the basement suffered severe debilitating respiratory symptoms. One individual was taken to the hospital on numerous occasions where she was placed on a ventilator in intensive care.Based on these complaints, the author was contacted to conduct an investigation of the building. The document discribes the methods and results of the investigation and the discussion with the staff that followed. The building was officially decommissioned for purposes of operation as a public school.
Additional Notes:

Keywords: mould, mold, closure, basement, moisture, relocation
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