Title: The Air Children Breathe
Sub-Title: The Effects on Their Health
Date of publication: Oct. 1998
URL: www.pollutionprobe.org/Publications/Childrens.htm
Authors: Pollution Probe , Canadian Institute of Child Health
Bibliographic info: Softcover report, 8.5 x 11 inches, 128 pages, available from the publisher through the URL above.
Publisher: Pollution Probe
Abstract: This report is the conference proceedings of the January 19/20 1998 Conference by the same title. The January 1998 forum focussed on indoor and outdoor air contaminants and their impact on child health. Many speakers emphasized that children are not simply small versions of adults and that this has profound implications for the ways in which they are affected by environmental contaminants. Developmental, behavioural and physiological differences make children, in many instances, more vulnerable to pollutants.

Workgroups within the conference made thirteen recommendations in the areas of professional involvement, policy development and community action, including the development of a comprehensive approach to addressing indoor environmental issues in Canada, making children's health and the environment a research priority, and developing an indoor action plan for schools. They noted that places in which children spend their time should have comprehensive standards that reflect children's unique characteristics to protect them from potential indoor hazards.

Additional Notes: The conference was organized jointly by Pollution Probe and the Canadian Institute of Child Health. Proceedings were authored by Dr. Trevor Hancock, Miriam Wyman and Ian Morton with technical assistance from others.
Keywords: children, health, outdoor air, contaminants, moulds, molds, volatiles, tobacco smoke, ETS, indoor ice rinks, swimming pools, pesticides, standards, labelling, asthma, bronchitis, smog, climate
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