Title: Internal Guidelines regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness for Disability Services at the University of Minnesota
Date of publication: 06/26/1997
URL: disserv3.stu.umn.edu/Admin/MCS-Guidelines.html
Authors: Disability Services
Bibliographic info: website
Abstract: The document provides advice about guidelines to set up a barrier free environment where people who suffer of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness can function and work. The document also gives an overview of products that cause such sensitivities and defines what MCS is. It contains a FAQs section.
Additional Notes: If you would like general information regarding MCS, please contact:Mary Lamielle, DirectorNational Center for Environmental Health Strategies (NCEHS)1100 Rural AvenueVoorhees, NJ 08043 (609) 429-5358
Keywords: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, EI, Envirnmental Illness, offices, disability services, chemical-based scented products, toxic cleaning products, disinfectants, paints, hypersensitivity to chemicalc
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