Title: Environmental Hazards: Protecting Children
Date of publication: May 1997
URL: www.cich.ca/safe.htm
Authors: Canadian Institute of Child Health
Bibliographic info: Soft-cover, staple-bound, 32 page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch summary report, ISBN 0-919747-53-1, reprints available from publisher.
Publisher: Canadian Institute of Child Health
Abstract: This report emphasizes that children are more susceptible than adults to the action of environmental toxicants. Their tissues and organs are immature and not fully developed, they have behaviours that put them at risk for increased contact with environmental contaminants and their pathways for absorption and excretion of substances taken into the body are different than for adults. Topics covered include childhood asthma and air quality, air pollutants and respiratory health effects, hormone disruptors, pesticides and children, childhood cancers, breastfeeding, preconception and reproductive abnormalities, prenatal exposure and reproductive effects, and neurodevelopmental effects of neurotoxicants. Each section includes specific recommendations on what can be done to solve environmental health problems.
Additional Notes: The Canadian Institute of Child Health promotes the health and well-being of children in Canada. They do this by building alliances and coalitions, by compiling research and statistics, by creating and publishing resources on health promotion, disease and injury prevention. They work with groups of all disciplines across Canada, including government, the corporate sector, the medical community, other national charitable associations, and the general public. They presently host the new Canadian Children''s Environmental Health Network, through the website www.healthychildren.ca.
Keywords: childhood asthma, air pollutants, respiratory, hormone disruptors, cancer, breastfeeding, conception, reproductive abnormalities, prenatal, neurodevelopmental, neurotoxicants, adolescence, dependency, poverty, metabolism, absorption
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