Title: Indoor Air Quality Software
Sub-Title: Software for Environmental Awareness
Date of publication: 1995
URL: www.epa.gov/seahome/indoor.html
Authors: K. Embleton, L. Rhykerd, C. Woo
Bibliographic info: Downloadable software (freeware).
Publisher: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Abstract: Indoor air quality problems carry a high degree of human health risk. This program explores how the environment of a typical home or office affects indoor air quality. Colorful building cross-sections offer users self-guided home, office and pollutant tours. Sources of various indoor air pollutants are discussed, along with associated health risks for each pollutant, and how to reduce pollutant levels.
Additional Notes: Size: approximately 7.5 Mb when uncompressed, 4.3Mb compressed
Graphics: VGA
Operating system: DOS
Other requirements: IBM-compatible with a hard disk, 640 K RAM (approximately 540 K of RAM must be available), mouse required.
Keywords: office environment, home environment, air quality, pollutants, office, home, indoor air, health risks
Record Last Revised: Record #15, revised 1/15/2001

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