Title: Integrated Pest Management for Schools
Sub-Title: A How-to Manual
Date of publication: June 1999
URL: www.epa.gov/region09/toxic/pest/school/index.html
Authors: US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
Bibliographic info: on-line manual, pdf format
Publisher: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Abstract: Use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and practices in the school environment is a growing trend in communities throughout the United States. IPM's focus on pest prevention using effective, least-toxic methods is proving practical to apply and cost-effective to operate.

EPA promotes integrated pest management through documents such as the IPM for Schools: A How-to Manual, because IPM represents a prudent approach to understanding and dealing with environmental concerns. Because IPM is a decision-making process and not a rote method, an IPM program will always be able to take into account the wide spectrum of pest problems and the diversity of people involved. IPM methods equip pest control operators and other members of the IPM team to design flexible, site-specific pest management plans scaled to the severity of the problems and the level of resources available.

Additional Notes:

Keywords: toxics, pesticides, pollution, chemicals, chemical disposal, treatment, environment, regulate
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