Title: Indoor Air Pollutants in Residential Settings
Sub-Title: Respiratory Health Effects and Remedial Measures for Reducing Exposure
Date of publication: April 2002
URL: www.on.lung.ca/cando/IAPRS_contents.html
Authors: Brian C. Stocks
Bibliographic info: Available on the web at the address shown, and downloadable in WORD97 and Adobe Acrobat format.
Publisher: Ontario Lung Association
Abstract: The Lung Association commissioned a public perception survey by Environics (July 2001), which reported that the majority of Ontarians expressed the view that indoor air pollution was a relatively minor problem compared to outdoor pollution. Given that concentrations of indoor pollutants can sometimes greatly exceed outdoor concentrations, The Lung Association then commissioned a report to provide an overview of current research into the respiratory health effects of common indoor air pollutants. Prepared by Mr. Bruce M. Small, P.Eng., of Small and Fleming Limited, the report was reviewed by a panel of individuals with demonstrated expertise in the field of indoor air quality and human health.

Financial support for both initiatives was provided by The Laidlaw Foundation.

Each indoor contaminant was assessed individually from a respiratory health perspective. They vary widely in their nature, their potential respiratory effects, the degree of risk, the quality of evidence supporting the potential connection between exposure and health effects, and the means of remediating indoor environments to reduce or avoid exposure.

Ample evidence of respiratory risk was found to support continued action and education concerning reduction of indoor pollutants. The respiratory health risks associated with the indoor air contaminants examined include respiratory symptoms (such as rhinitis, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, phlegm, tight chest, difficult breathing and wheezing), airway irritation, respiratory infections, asthma, airway inflammation, bronchitis, emphysema, reduced lung function, idiopathic pulmonary haemorrhage, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and lung cancer.

Additional Notes:
Keywords: mold, mould, particles, combustion, allergens, insects, volatiles, VOC, emissions, dampness, remedial measures, respiratory, asthma, ozone, pesticides, PM10, irritant, pulmonary, lung, breathing difficulty, lung cancer, pulmonary haemorrhage
Record Last Revised: Record #134, revised 5/25/2002

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