Title: Moulds: Isolation, Cultivation, Identification
Date of publication: 1997
URL: www.botany.utoronto.ca/ResearchLabs/MallochLab/Malloch/Moulds/Moulds.html
Authors: David Malloch
Bibliographic info: website
Publisher: University of Toronto
Abstract: An introductory guide to the study of moulds (fungi) by David Malloch, University of Toronto. Includes discussions of mould classification, methods of study, importance to humans, and identification. Picture and text keys are provided for many of the most common fungi found in soil, indoor environments, outdoor air, food, etc. Individual genera of moulds are described and illustrated.
Additional Notes:
Keywords: mould, mold,fungus, fungi,outdoor air, soil, indoor environments,
Record Last Revised: Record #116, revised 2/4/2001

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