Title: U.S. Healthy Schools Network Inc. Site
Sub-Title: WWW.HealthySchools.Org
Date of publication: 2001
URL: www.healthyschools.org
Authors: Healthy Schools Network Inc.
Bibliographic info: Website, including downloadable documents and a rich collection of links to other U.S. sites dealing with environmental health and children's health and safety.
Publisher: Healthy Schools Network Inc.
Abstract: Healthy Schools Network, Inc. is a nationally recognized, New York State based advocate for the protection of children’s environmental health in schools.

Founded in 1994, HSN Inc. does research, information and referral, advocacy, and coalition-building to build awareness of children’s environmental health needs and to assure every child and school employee an environmentally healthy school.

No organized body had a comprehensive or child-centered focus on the hazards in decayed or poorly constructed and maintained New York schools before HSN Inc. Its model program and impact is growing within New York state and nationally in the United States as more people recognize children’s unique needs and vulnerabilities and understand the risks to learning and health that can be avoided by setting and following healthier standards.
Additional Notes:
Keywords: environmental health, children, education, pollution, advocacy, research, indoor air quality, hazards, maintenance, United States
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