Title: Addressing the Psychological Aspects of Indoor Air Quality
Date of publication: 1996
URL: ergo.human.cornell.edu/airquality/iaqslides96/ahpaper.html
Authors: Alan Hedge, Ph.D.
Bibliographic info: Seven page paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, presented at the 1st Asian Indoor Air Quality Seminar sponsored by BAT, Urumqui, China, Sept. 22-23, 1996. Available from the URL listed; accompanying presentation slides are also available.
Publisher: Cornell University Ergonomics Web
Abstract: The author cites research to support the conclusion that IAQ problems and reports of sick building syndrome are not caused simply by exposure to poor indoor air quality, but rather they occur because of the combined effects of various physical environment and non-environmental factors. IAQ complaints and sick building syndrome are the outcome of complex processes, initiated by a set of stressul multiple risks which create personal strain.

Some studies of IAQ complaints have found that personal, psychological and occupational variables also affect reports of IAQ complaints and health symptoms. The author emphasizes that indoor air quality problems arise from three sets of factors, namely the presence of point sources of pollution, the presence of a susceptible population, and inadequate ventilation. By studying and addressing all three sets of factors, satisfactory climate conditions and healthful indoor air quality can be created in any building.
Additional Notes: An extensive bibliography of articles and publications about indoor air quality by the same author can be found at http://ergo.human.cornell.edu/iaqpubs.html.
Keywords: IAQ, risks, stress, strain, complaints, personal variables, occupational, susceptibility, ventilation, pollution, mass psychogenic illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, headache, lethargy, irritation
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