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29 0 ALA Indoor Air Quality Program for Oklahoma Schools American Lung Assocation launches a training program for indoor air quality. 29intro.txt walkthrough, air pollutants, mould, mold, contaminants, allergies, asthma, 1/3/200129.jpg 29body.txt
111 0 Case Studies from Healthy School Network Inc. Brief case studies of pollution in schools. 111intro.txt asthma, teacher, student, mold, mould 1/29/2001111.jpg 111body.txt
28 0 Durham District School Board Indoor Environment Procedures A description of measures taken in Durham to address indoor air quality and mould. 28intro.txt IAQ, indoor air quality, mold, fungal sampling, complaints, ventilation, portables, art supplies, passive air supply, microbial, carpet, exhaust, health, safety 2/5/200128.jpg 28body.txt
25 0 Fungal Contamination Closes U.S. Elementary School Complaint investigation discovered mould growth and led to closing of a school. 25intro.txt mould, mold, fungus, basement, closure, respiratory, headache, CO2, aspergillus 1/3/200125.jpg 25body.txt
31 0 Painting Protocol in Annapolis Maryland. Anne Arundel County School Board alerts parents when painting takes place. 31intro.txt Anne Arundel, classrooms, occupancy, parents, notice, memorandum, health, safety, lead, paint, oil-based 1/3/200131.jpg 31body.txt
30 0 Remedial Measures for Sick Buildings Swedish experience in reducing sick building complaints. 30intro.txt building illness, symptoms, irritation, mucous membrane, skin, headache, ventilation, maintenance, offgassing, carpets, chimney, microbiological, mold, mould 1/3/200130.jpg 30body.txt
68 0 Thames Valley Indoor Air Quality Policy An investigative procedure for handling indoor air quality concerns. 68intro.txt procedure, investigations, principal, custodian, allergies, allergy, sensitivity, sensitivities, mold, complaints 1/10/200168.jpg 68body.txt
26 0 Top Ten Concerns for a Healthful School Environment A Texas project polled environmental specialists on health concerns in schools. 26intro.txt building, remodeling, maintenance, pollutants, art materials, pesticides, HVAC, cleaning, fragrance, perfume, site, lighting, floors, volatile organic compounds, wax strippers 1/15/200126.jpg 26body.txt
27 0 Waterloo District School Board Plant Operations Indoor air quality activities in Waterloo District School Board. 27intro.txt eco classrooms, building practices, sensitivity, complaints, standards, maintenance, portables, low-emission paints, flooring, windows, filtration, unscented cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, residues, mops, vacuums, filters, CO2, energy efficiency, light1/3/200127.jpg 27body.txt