ALA Indoor Air Quality Program for Oklahoma Schools

On August 25, 2000, the American Lung Association of Oklahoma (ALAO) issued a press release announcing their new indoor air quality program for schools. The program is being headed by Richard Shaughnessy, a specialist in Indoor Air Pollution Research at the University of Tulsa.

American Lung Association of Oklahoma Launches School Indoor Air Quality Program - Expert Shaughnessy With the EPA and University of Tulsa to Direct Effort

TULSA, Okla., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Lung Association of Oklahoma (ALAO) announces a training program called Indoor Air Quality program - Tools for Schools to be spearheaded by Richard Shaughnessy, a specialist in Indoor Air Pollution Research at the University of Tulsa. Dr. Shaughnessy is speaking this weekend at the Myriad Center in Oklahoma City at the annual meeting of the Oklahoma State School Board Association and the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration. His topic is Tools for Schools - Indoor Air Quality. On September 15th Shaughnessy, a Resource Council member with the ALAO, will conduct an all day training at Shawnee Public Schools. The training will be conducted at the central office on N. Union in the morning, followed by a walk-through at a school in the afternoon. He will point out specific air pollutant areas of the school and identify methods to remediate the hazard.

Shaughnessy was recently cited in USA Weekend on health hazards posed by mold in schools. As an instructor in the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency''s Tools for Schools Quality Training Program, he has toured the country''s teaching districts to alert schools on how to free their environment of indoor air contaminants. "This is extremely important because so many of our schools do not have the time, resources or funding to address issues like mold and other harmful air pollutants. Young children are particularly susceptible in these unhealthy environments because their lungs are so sensitive during this development period. This is when many begin having severe allergies that will afflict them the rest of their lives. Allergies can eventually cause asthma, which in severe cases, results in death," stated Shaughnessy.

Further information on the ALAO''s Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Training and registration information for the Shawnee training is available at 800-LUNG-USA.

Contact: Peggy Striegel 918 258 3536.

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